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Referendum Pilot study

As the first step in the development of the NEDS study, a pilot study was commissioned for the referendums on 8th March. Advised by the academic team, many of whom have been involved in previous similar referendum studies, three surveys were commissioned. These were conducted by two independent polling companies – an online and a telephone survey in advance of the referendums and a voters' survey of a representative sample of 3,000 voters at 180 polling stations on 8 March. Results from these surveys are in the slide decks below and the questionnaires used are also published below. The raw data and codebooks are currently being made ready for publication and once this process is completed will also be published here.

8 March 2024 Family and Care Referendums
Pre-referendum surveyquestionnaire
report (slide deck)
Post-referendum surveyquestionnaire
report (slide deck)